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Our Programs.


At Music4Life Academy, we offer a variety of one on one learning opportunities to match the students abilities. 

  • Beginning 

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

  • Accelerated

Just click the button below to start your music journey with Music4Life.


Young artists have ample opportunities to participate in programs that foster their artistic passion and growth.

  • choirs 

  • ensembles 

  • bands

  • production 

  • recording

  • audio engineering.


We also offer avenues to play rock, jazz, and other genres in ensembles, duets, and as a solo artist.


Music4life offers a wide range of early education classes and sessions for children from the very young to school age. ​

  • make great friends

  • try lots of instruments

  • learn music basics

  • have a ton of fun!


There are great opportunities for our youngest students whether they participate in Music4TOTS or take one-on-one instrumental or vocal lessons.

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