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Summer 2022 is full of FUN!

Song Writing & Composition

Learn how to compose and write your own music!

Improvisation & Jazz

Improvising is making it up on the spot. This class will give you tips and tools for success in improvisation on any instrument.

Everyone Can Drum!

Everyone is a percussionist! This class is all about having fun and learning the basics of drumming.

Uke Can Do It!

Ukulele is a great instrument for someone new to music. Have fun learning to play simple songs and reading music!

Guitar Rockstars!

Guitar is a fun instrument accessible to everyone! This class you'll learn the basics and how to be a Rockstar!

Intro to Music Theory

How much do you really know about music? Learn the theory behind the art in this intro to music theory.

Intro to Playing in a Band

Not sure where to start to create your own band? This class is for you!


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