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Summer Musical Adventures


Songwriting/Theory - Compose your own music

Intro to Guitar - Group beginner classes

Rockstar Guitar - Intro to being a rockstar

Improvisation - Bring out your inner jazz musician


Piano Songwriting/Composition

Piano Fun! - Intro to piano

Improvisation - Bring out your inner jazz musician

You Can Drum!

Intro to Drums and Percussion

Uke Can Do It!

Group Ukulele

Singing is Fun! 

Intro to singing

Intro to Music Production

Learn how to mix and master, or create digital music

Intro to Playing in a Band

Not sure where to start to create your own band? This class is for you!

All-State Preparation

Acceptance to All-State Music Festival is one of the most challenging goals for high school musicians to achieve. Prepare scales, etudes, and solos.

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