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“We Play It, We Love It, We Have Fun With It!”



Parent Handbook




Our lessons are usually once per week for 30 minutes. Some students and teachers will have longer or shorter lessons depending on age and skill level. 


Home Practice Expectations


Students are expected to play their instruments and practice lesson assignments regularly. Building the habit of playing our instruments outside of lesson times is very important. A weekly goal of practicing 4-5 times per week for 15-30 minutes is a great place to start. As students gain skills and advance on their instruments practice time should be increased. Keeping track of practice days/minutes can help with creating a good routine. Some of our teachers use a practice chart to reward good practice habits.          Click here to download a Practice Chart.


Behavior Expectations


We know how great it can be to play and have fun during lessons! Our motto is “We Play It, We Love It, We Have Fun With It!”. We want learning music and instruments to be enjoyable for all! This will come from a mutual respect for each other and our time together. During lessons, students are expected to focus and learn. Abusing instruments or “messing around” is not a good use of our lesson times. 




Monthly payments are based on how many lessons students will have in the entire month. Preferred payment method is ACH. Please let the teacher know if you need a payment receipt or invoice.


  • Parents who choose ACH form of payment; Payments are processed within the first two weeks of the month.

  • Parents who pay by check or cash; we ask to bring the check or cash to the first lesson of each month.


Attendance Policy


Starting music lessons is a commitment for a student,  family, and the teacher. We expect teachers to be on time ready to teach, students to be on time ready to learn.


In case of illness or emergency we ask the student's family to give the teacher 24 hours notice of absence. If the teacher has not received the notice the lesson time will be counted as a regular lesson. Make-up lessons will be at the discretion of your teacher.


Students will not be charged  for:

  • Summer vacation 4 weeks

  • Winter Holidays, Spring break, and Thanksgiving - 1 week

  • Every student is allowed to have 3 unplanned cancellations during a year free of charge for ”life situations”.


We believe that good communication will help us all to create the best learning environment for our students and our teachers.

Parent Checklist - New Students


Items to complete before the first lesson:

  • ACH form

  • Attendance agreement

  • Social Media agreement

  • Purchase or rent instrument


What do you need to start music lessons?


Instrument: Piano (preferably tuned, tuner contact info is listed below)

Piano, stand (for electric), bench


Instrument: Guitar

Guitar (acoustic or electric), stand, book, foot stool, picks, tuner, amp (for electric)


Instrument: Ukulele

Ukulele, book, tuner


If you aren’t sure which instrument is right for you, talk with your teacher!





We highly encourage our students to participate in our Spring and Winter Recitals. This is a fun way to show off how much progress our students are making! 


We also have periodical Open Mic Nights for our more advanced students and even our teachers to highlight their music. Keep in the loop with these on our facebook page. We will do our best to live-stream these performances.

Junge piano tuning.jpg

Need a piano tuner? Contact Steve Junge for excellent service.

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