Spring Greetings Music4life Families and Friends,


We are now accepting Spring New Student Registrations! Please let your friends and family know where to get the best music education. There’s no better time to learn music than right now! Visit our website to complete your registration. You can also call, facebook message, or email us.


When it comes to taking music lessons, it’s most common for students to take one lesson per week. While weekly lessons work perfectly fine for most, you may actually get more out of your music education by taking two music lessons per week. The increased frequency of your music lessons offers a number of benefits such as increased success, reinforcing correct practice habits, increased motivation, improved retention of concepts, and of course, MORE FUN! We’re offering twice a week lessons to all of our students! Please communicate with your teacher to schedule your lessons. 


Are you looking to upgrade your instrument? We’re here to help! Our teachers will help guide you in purchasing a new instrument. If you’re looking for accessories (tuners, picks, straps, etc.) talk with a teacher to get what you need right away. 


We hope that this spring will bring continued growth and fun for all of our students! 


Wishing you all the best,

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