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Early Music Education

When is the right time to learn music? 

As early as possible! Most infants as young as 1 year old can benefit from music education. Whether they are being introduced to different sounds, or shaking instruments to the beat, or using our body movement to match with the music. Our young ones understand more than we think about music and song.

What does Music4life offer?

Music4life offers a wide range of early education classes and sessions for children from the very young to school age. Whether students are participating in Music4TOTS or taking one-on-one instrumental or vocal lessons with our teachers.

Music4TOTS classes are designed specifically for children as young as 18 months to 6 years.


Music4TOTS is a stepping stone for children who are expressing interest in music but are too young to begin learning an instrument like piano, guitar, or ukulele.

What does a typical Music4TOTS class look like?

Each class we begin with a greeting song and vocal warm-up exercise like Twinkle Little Star or ABC's. Many classes will include reading of a music related book. Most of the class time is spent singing, playing with and exploring instruments. We end each session with a goodbye song and fun age-appropriate rewards (stamps, stickers, prizes, coloring pages). 

Age-appropriate instruments such as shakers, jingle bells, tambourines, and drums are used at every class. We practice rhythms, moving to music, explore different sounds, and simply have fun making music together! 

Many classes will include an Instrument Petting Zoo! This is a fun interactive session where students get to see, hear, and touch a variety different instruments! One or two sessions we will even make our own instruments using recycled materials. 

***Instruments and other touched surfaces are sanitized after each class!


Meet the teacher!

Sarah Baldus holds an active Iowa Teaching License with K-12 Music endorsements. She graduated with a BA degree in music education from Iowa State University in 2009. She began teaching instrumental music in Iowa Schools in 2010. She is a firm believer in putting the “FUN!” into every students’ musical education. As a professional musician, Sarah has performed with small ensembles, bands, and orchestras throughout the state of Iowa, as well as, touring Europe with the ISU Wind Ensemble.


Sarah has taught piano, ukulele, and other instruments with Music4life since 2017. She has also taught early childhood music programs for several years, collaborating with Frog Hollow Kid Campus in North Liberty. Sarah is excited to begin this journey with Music4life with the Music4TOTS Early Music Education program! 


Sarah believes that even very young children have the ability to make and appreciate music. She loves to use age appropriate instruments and books to get everyone involved! Movement songs and games are included in every class too! Kids are meant to be moving, not just sitting and listening to music!

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