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Meet our Drums and Percussion Teachers

Dr David A Johnson pic.jpg

David Johnson is pleased to be joining the Music4Life team.  He holds three degrees in music education with 30+ years teaching at the college-university level as well as teaching middle and high school instrumental music.  He enjoys seeing students at all levels enjoy and learn.   Recently retired and living in the IC area he teaches percussion (including drum set) and guitar (including rock, blues and jazz along with a dab of theory).


Reid Turner has extensive piano performance experience in classical, jazz, latin jazz, rock/alternative, accompaniment roles, and more. With a background of percussion performance and composing music for indie video game projects, Reid possesses a unique rhythmic improvisational style and creative flair. He graduated with degrees in Musical Arts and Economics from the University of South Dakota in 2013, then obtained his Juris Doctorate from the University of Iowa in 2018.


Curtis Boysen graduated from Northwestern University . He actively  performs in local Jazz, Latin,  Funk, and Rock Bands. He has also has experience touring.


He is passionate about establishing the academic foundation of drumming so students can excel. He sees his students having a great time learning and playing. He meets students where they are and adjusts his teaching style to fit their individual interests and desires. Curtis composes his own methods and materials for students for more individualized instruction.

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